Advantages and Care

Aluminum composite is the top of the line when it comes to signage. Wood based products are vulnerable to the weather, especially water. Plastics are water resistant, but will bow and can become brittle in cold weather. Also, plastics are generally unstable for printing, and many are labled as temporary for outdoor use. Steel is durable, but is heavy and will eventually rust. That brings us to aluminum. Lightweight, but strong, it is ideal. The one drawback is cost. Aluminum of thick enough gauge to be useful for signage is quite expensive. What we have is the best of both worlds. The plastic core is inexpensive and weather resistant. The aluminum face provides a stable surface for printing while helping to provide a rigidness that allows the panel to resist bowing.
MAKING YOUR SIGNS LAST - - Just having the best sign substrate does not mean your signs are indestructable. Inks on a hard surface, such as aluminum, when exposed to abrasive or sharp objects (E.G. golf clubs, tools, stones, etc) can scratch. Just think of what would happen to the paint on your car if you were to drag a key across it. So the single best thing you can do to make your signs last a long time is to handle them with a reasonable amount of care (don't throw carelessly in the trunk of your car) and you can keep your signs looking fresh and new for many years. Inks, unfortunately, are still vulnerable in a few ways. One key is to avoid exposing the signs to harsh solvents. If you need to clean them, use some warm water and a little soap with a soft rag. Don't pressure wash them. Also, the less road salt and grime (for those who live in areas with harsh winters) that reaches the signs, the better. UV rays from the sun can also cause fading. There is really no way to prevent exposure in this regard. If necessary, there are clear coat spray paints that can protect against UV. If you choose to apply one to your signs, BE CAREFUL. If you apply it TOO HEAVILY, the solvents in the paint may damage the ink before it can dry. It is better to do a couple of LIGHT coats instead. As is true with any product, good care will save you time and money in the long run. We hope you are happy with your signs. If you experience any problems, or if you wish to learn more before placing an order feel free to contact us at: Phone: 800-775-9840 Email: